Welcome To The Future!

Hurry On Sundown (cover)

I am Chris Ward, the SF musician.

Not to be confused with Chris Ward, the American Country musician, Chris Ward the Irish Electronic Dance Music DJ/producer, or Chris Ward the Lincoln City footballer (even though we share the same birthday!).

SF stands for both of my main creative influences; Science Fiction and Solution Focus.

Science Fiction surely needs no introduction!

The following is probably the most I’ll ever write about Solution Focus on this site, then it’ll be all about the music on here, and my companion site, Keep Calm and Solution Focused will have everything else covered.

Solution Focus is a modern term referring to a paradigm, born alongside a therapeutic approach developed in the late 20th century (although it’s philosophical origins can be traced back thousands of years), which guides many spheres of human activity, including teaching, coaching, therapy, nursing, social work, youth work, politics, sport, science and art.

The solution focused approach involves adopting a perspective on the chaos/order of the universe, and specifically on the human experience within it, which strongly features a recognition of possibilities.

This manifests in a communication style which simultaneously acknowledges struggles and amplifies hopes.

In other words, it is the expression of an unshakeable belief that we all possess the innate capacity for realising our hopes, no matter what.

For me as a musician, this steers the creative process and is often evident in the content.

I regard the music that channels through me as literally the sound of the universe’s self belief, acceptance, creativity and forward momentum.

It is the water flowing from a tap in space and time, through a hosepipe of musicianship, carrying the past and bringing life to the future.

I believe that this flow can take any and all of us in any direction we wish to go.

All we have to do is point the hose!

If you’re interested in learning more about Solution Focus, and my experience of practicing it in my work as a Mental Health Nurse, I’ll be delighted if you check out Keep Calm and Solution Focused

Still here? Cool! Enjoy the music! (More coming soon!) May it transport you away in the direction of your deepest desires!