Why Is Your Nose Sticking Out Of Your Mask?

I had a week off work, and with lockdown limiting options on how to spend the time, I set myself a challenge of recording and releasing a song in that single week (to put it in context Hurry On Sundown and Collared Dove both took me several months!).

The lyrics were inspired by a trip to the local supermarket! The time pressure helped me to resist the temptation to try to perfect, and instead adopt a ‘that’ll do’ attitude which lends itself to a punk rock feel. It’s rough around the edges, plenty of mistakes have been left in, and it’s practically a live performance. I like that. It’s a messy, human noise!

Collared Dove

We’re all going through dark times, so I wanted to write something uplifting.

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in the garden spellbound by the wildlife, so the lyrics wrote themselves!

It’s the first song I’ve ever written, so stylistically it’s a mash up of the sounds which surrounded me when I first picked up the electric guitar and dreamed of recording original music (35 years ago – I haven’t exactly rushed!); punk, psychedelic rock and acid house.

I’m releasing it into the wild now, in the hope that it might inspire a few smiles, giggles and momentary respites.

Fly my pretty, be free!

My Debut Release!

My first attempt at home recording, using free DAW software on a laptop, is a cover of this timeless Hawkwind classic:

It’s the first song I learned to play and sing at the same time, around 30 years ago.

For most of my life I let my shyness hold me back from performing, but this one song was the exception (and even then I wouldn’t dare attempt it without a few drinks inside me first!).

I’ve been performing it stone cold sober, shyness aside, on stages in front of audiences now for the past year (small audiences, but you gotta start somewhere right?! ), and every smiling face, tapping foot, nodding head and clapping hand has brought me so much joy! It’s just one of those songs!

I published a blog post to coincide with the Summer Solstice on 21st June 2019 inspired by the lyrics to this song here

This is just the very beginning. I’m busy recording original songs now, and I’ll share them all right here as soon as they’re ready for release. Stay tuned! See you on the other side!